Lymphoprep 50 ml

isolate mononuclear cells from peripheral blood, cord blood, or bone marrow with Lymphoprep™—a cost-effective alternative to Ficoll-Paque™.

Use this density gradient medium for rapid, simple, and reliable cell isolation from most blood samples obtained from normal individuals and patients. You can substitute Lymphoprep™ for Ficoll-Paque™ without changing your existing protocols and achieve similar cell purity and recovery rates.

This medium is fully compatible with both SepMate™ and RosetteSep™. Formulated with sodium diatrizoate (9.1% w/v) and polysaccharide (5.7% w/v), Lymphoprep™ has a density of 1.077 g/ml.CONTAINS• Sodium diatrizoate (9.1% w/v)

• Polysaccharide (5.7% w/v)
• Other ingredientsSUBTYPEDensity Gradient MediaCELL TYPEMononuclear CellsSPECIESHumanSAMPLE SOURCEBone Marrow, Cord Blood, Whole BloodSELECTION METHODNegativeAPPLICATIONCell IsolationBRANDLymphoprep

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    Lymphoprep™ Isolation of human mononuclear cells

    A simple and effective method for the isolation of mononuclear cells from human blood was reported by Dr. Arne Bøyum in 1968. For more than 35 years a commercial medium known as Lymphoprep™ has been widely used for isolating these cells.

    Mononuclear cells (monocytes and lymphocytes) have a lower buoyant density than the erythrocytes and the polymorphonuclear (PMN) leukocytes (granulocytes). The vast majority of mononuclear cells have densities below 1.077 g/ml. These cells can therefore be isolated by centrifugation on an isoosmotic medium with a density of 1.077 g/ml, which allows the erythrocytes and the PMNs to sediment through the medium while retaining the mononuclear cells at the sample/medium interface.

    Lymphoprep™ is a ready-made, sterile and endotoxin tested solution with the following specifications: 

    • Sodium diatrizoate: 9.1% (w/v) 
    • Polysaccharide: 5.7% (w/v) 
    • Density: 1.077 ± 0.001 g/ml 
    • Osmolality: 290 ± 15
    • mOsm Endotoxins: < 1.0 EU/ml