Advanced Genomic Solutions: NGS™ OnePot Pro DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina

Discover cutting-edge genomic solutions with the NGS™ OnePot Pro DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina. Streamline your research with advanced features, precise data output, and seamless integration. Accelerate scientific discoveries and drive transformative advancements in genomics with our versatile and reliable solution

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NGS™ OnePot Pro DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina

Hieff  NGS™ OnePot Pro DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina

The NGS™ OnePot Pro DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina is an innovative solution designed to simplify and accelerate the preparation of DNA libraries for high-throughput sequencing. This groundbreaking kit represents a major advancement in the field of genomic research, offering increased efficiency, unparalleled reliability, and consistent data quality, making it an indispensable tool for scientists and researchers working in the genomics field.


Key Features

  • Ease of Use: The kit significantly streamlines the DNA library preparation process, thereby reducing the time and resources required to obtain high-quality data.
  • Versatility and Adaptability: It can be used with a wide range of DNA samples, making it a versatile tool for various high-throughput sequencing applications.
  • Data Reliability: The kit ensures consistent data quality, reducing the risks of errors or biases introduced during library preparation.
  • Illumina Compatibility: Specifically designed for use with Illumina sequencing platforms, this kit ensures seamless integration into existing workflows using these platforms.


  • Acceleration of genomic research workflows.
  • Reduction in costs associated with DNA library preparation.
  • Enhancement of sequencing data quality and reliability.
  • Increase in research laboratory productivity through faster and more efficient sample preparation.


  • Next-generation sequencing studies for genomics.
  • Research in evolutionary biology and molecular ecology.
  • Analyses of genetic diversity and functional genomics.
  • Metagenomic studies for characterization of microbial communities.

The NGS™ OnePot Pro DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina opens up exciting new possibilities for genomic research by providing a comprehensive, reliable, and versatile solution for DNA library preparation. With its ease of use and compatibility with Illumina platforms, this kit is poised to further drive scientific advancements in the genomics field and facilitate meaningful discoveries in various areas of molecular biology.

Work flow

Applications and Case Studies

Discover the diverse applications and real-world case studies showcasing the transformative impact of Efficient Genomics' NGS™ OnePot Pro DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina. Explore how this advanced solution is revolutionizing genomics research and driving discoveries across various scientific disciplines.


  • Cancer Genomics: Explore how our kit contributes to the understanding of complex genetic variations in cancer research, enabling researchers to identify potential therapeutic targets and personalized treatment approaches.
  • Evolutionary Biology: Uncover how the kit facilitates comprehensive studies on genetic diversity and evolutionary patterns in different species, providing insights into the mechanisms of adaptation and speciation.
  • Microbiome Analysis: Learn how our solution supports in-depth analysis of microbial communities and their role in various ecosystems, aiding researchers in understanding the intricate relationships between microorganisms and their environments.
  • Pharmacogenomics: Dive into the applications of our kit in pharmacogenomic studies, elucidating the genetic factors influencing drug responses and guiding the development of more targeted and effective pharmaceutical interventions.

Case Studies

  • Case Study 1: Unraveling the Genetic Basis of Rare Diseases: Discover how researchers utilized our kit to identify rare genetic variants associated with specific rare diseases, leading to improved diagnostics and potential therapeutic strategies.
  • Case Study 2: Understanding Microbial Interactions in Soil Ecosystems: Explore how our kit facilitated the analysis of microbial interactions in soil ecosystems, providing insights into the ecological dynamics and nutrient cycling processes in diverse environments.
  • Case Study 3: Personalized Treatment Approaches in Oncology: Learn how our kit aided researchers in identifying genetic biomarkers for personalized treatment approaches in oncology, contributing to more targeted and effective cancer therapies.

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Product Specifications and Technical Details

Delve into the technical specifications and features of Efficient Genomics' NGS™ OnePot Pro DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina. Explore the comprehensive details that make this kit a reliable and efficient solution for streamlining genomic research and driving scientific advancements in the field.

Technical Specifications

  • Workflow Details: Understand the step-by-step workflow process enabled by the kit, including sample preparation, library construction, and sequencing protocol integration.
  • Sample Compatibility: Explore the range of sample types compatible with the kit, from diverse organismal DNA to complex microbial samples, ensuring adaptability for various research applications.
  • Data Output and Quality Control: Learn about the precise data output and quality control measures implemented by the kit, ensuring accurate and reliable sequencing data for comprehensive analysis and interpretation.
  • Platform Integration: Discover the seamless integration capabilities with Illumina sequencing platforms, providing researchers with a streamlined and efficient transition into their existing workflows.

Product Features

  • Simplified User Interface: Explore the user-friendly interface designed to simplify the library preparation process, reducing complexity and optimizing efficiency for researchers of all experience levels.
  • Enhanced Data Management: Learn about the data management features that ensure precise and consistent data output, minimizing variations and providing reliable results for informed decision-making.
  • Adaptable and Flexible Design: Discover the kit's adaptability to various research applications, providing researchers with the flexibility to customize experiments and address specific research questions effectively.
  • Quality Assurance and Support: Learn about the quality assurance measures implemented by Efficient Genomics, ensuring high-quality product standards and comprehensive customer support for researchers worldwide.

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Enzyme fragmentation performance

Sample: The samples used included Human Blood gDNA, human saliva gDNA, and Bacillus cereus.

Method: Enzyme digestion was conducted for a duration of 12 minutes, and the Aligent 2100 was employed to detect the range of fragments resulting from the digestion process.

Results: The distribution of the library remained consistent across different samples and varying enzyme digestion amounts during the 12-minute period.


Sample Preparation

 The Hieff NGS™ OnePot Pro DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina was utilized for the preparation of DNA libraries from diverse samples, including Human Blood gDNA, human saliva gDNA, and Bacillus cereus.

Library Construction Method

Enzyme digestion was precisely carried out for a duration of 12 minutes, followed by the utilization of the Aligent 2100 to accurately analyze the distribution of fragments resulting from the enzyme digestion process.

Consistent Results 

The kit consistently generated libraries with uniform distribution across various sample types and distinct enzyme digestion quantities during the 12-minute digestion period, showcasing its robust performance and reliability in library construction.

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