Lymphoprep 250ml

Dr. Arne Bøyum reported in 1968 a simple and efficient method for the isolation of mononuclear cells from human blood. For more than 45 years, a commercial medium known as Lymphoprep has been widely used to isolate these cells.

Mononuclear cells (monocytes and lymphocytes) have a lower buoyant density than erythrocytes and polymorphonuclear leukocytes (PMN) (granulocytes). The vast majority of mononuclear cells have densities less than 1.077 g/mL.

Therefore, these cells can be isolated by centrifugation in an isoosmotic medium with a density of 1.077 g/mL, which allows the erythrocytes and PMNs to settle in the medium while retaining the mononuclear cells at the sample/medium interface.

The method described is fast, simple and reliable and gives excellent results with blood samples from normal individuals and patients.

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    Lymphoprep Isolation of human mononuclear cells

    For best performance it is important that the blood sample is diluted 1:1 with normal saline before being applied to the gradient.

    Erythrocyte contamination in the mononuclear cell suspension is usually between 3-10% of the total number of cells.

    Some immature PMNs can bind to lymphocytes during intense immunosuppressive therapy.

    When using heparinized blood, it is essential to remove most of the platelets to avoid inhibition in the cytotoxicity assay.